Here at Lawson Premier Services, the words Premier and Service are in our name for more than just the effect. We try our very best to be a representative of our client in the treacherous world of the Construction Industry. Our extensive experience, and attention to detail are all a part of our relentless effort to provide the highest quality of customer service in our industry.

Chad Lawson - Chief Executive Officer

Chad grew up within a Contracting Family, and has over 30 years of experience in both Residential and Commercial construction. From the young age of six he was getting dropped off from school at worksites to help get his Step Dad's job done. This is where it all started for him. He began to learn what went into skilled Carpentry. At 17 Chad joined the Army and then studied Construction Science at Missouri State University and then The University of Missouri.

Chad got a office job Drafting, but soon realized sitting at a desk wasn't where his passion was fulfilled, the field was. He then decided to open his first business; D&L historic homes. While it was started as an attempt to provide the highest quality carpentry service available, the level of quality, attention to detail, and unmatched customer service, has grown into Lawson Premier Services, LLC. Where he brings the same individual care to the largest of projects.